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Titolo: Anaconda or DBX?
Inserito da: JacobOlivia - Dicembre 27, 2017, 07:01:15

what's your expierience with explorer vessels? I narrowed down my choice to the Anaconda and the DBX, mainly because of their high jump ranges. I was considering the ASPex, but both forementioned ships surpass it in terms of max distance and jump range.

For my first trip I opted for the DBX, despite having a lower jump range than the Anaconda. I was a bit scared to get stuck in a region with no scoopable stars, and the Anacanda is very thirsty when performing a jump, effectively reducing its max travelling distance.

However, this was my first serious trip into the void, so I might be missing something. What ships do you guys board when leaving the bubble?

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